Rousenin Rise (瓏仙院 理瀬, ろうせんいん りせ, Rōsen-in Rise) is one of main heroines in Princess Evangile. She is the first girl whom Okonogi Masaya met during his runaway from the Goons. After Masaya rescued her from the Gardiane, she introduced him to Vincennes Private Girls' Academy, the school she is currently attending, and using her grandmother's authority, gave him a scholarship to enroll the school as a sample for the school co-educational reformation campaign.

Her theme is Dignified, and her title is Soleil D’Ecole (means Sun of School), a title she shares with her mother.

Appearance Edit

Rise is a girl with long pink hair and blue eyes, and she wears two twin hairpieces on her head. She bears a striking resemblance to her mother, Rousenin Kaori. She is most usually seen in her school uniform, which consist of a white shirt (the winter uniform has longer sleeves than the summer one), a brown corset and a white skirt. Her other outfits including an orange pajama (only appear in CG) with multiple while flower decoration and a normal outfit of a white dress and blue light jacket when she is not attending school.

Personality Edit

Rise is firm, determined and somewhat stubborn, who will not easily give up her objectives. On other hand, Rise is a cheerful and active girl, which earns her the title "Soleil D’Ecole", and this makes her either be revered or be envied by other girls in school. As her title implies, as Sun of School, she has an aura that makes her somewhat hard to approach, but she is in fact a very caring and friendly girl.

As for Okonogi Masaya, she is very close with him, and she, along with Sagisawa Chiho, would not even hide her jealousy when he is put in some itimate situations with other girls.

History Edit

Some years before the main event of Princess Evangile, she met and befriended young Masaya during her Primary Course. Her current title at that time was Lis Branche. During the summer break, she told him that they might not be able to see each other after the break is over, prompting young Masaya to prioritize her invitation to take part in Summer Festival over Chiho's one. That night, her mother, who was very unstable mentally at that time, began to burn down the shrine, cursed Rise for her existence and used a knife in an attempt to kill her. She was saved by Masaya, who was being injured and received a scar in his back. The fire incident also damaged Masaya's hair, and later, Rise was unable to recognize Masaya (whom she called Chien at that time) as he had to cover his head with a baseball cap to hide his shaved hair in shame.