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Her title is Belle Epine (Beautiful Briar Rose). This reflects her composed, calm nature as a "cold beauty". She is as popular as Soleil d'Ecole. Her older sister is Ayaka. Ritsuko is a 1st year student in Final Course. Her title, ”Belle Epine”, means ”Beautiful Briar Rose.” It refers to both her great beauty and her aura of unapproachability. She is the younger sister of Ayaka, but unlike her sister, a person who tries to follow the rules, she was brought up as the "good girl" of their family. She becomes the leader of the Red Rose Society as Mitsuki and Marika believe that she has more influence over the students.

Normally, 2nd year students are asked to head up the societies, but this year, it was Ritsuko who was chosen... This causes her great discomfort. She dislikes breaking rules and traditions. She is also violently opposed to reform - not because she hates men, but because she views it as a violation of tradition.

In her route, her secret hobby of collecting stuffed animals and her tendency to lie and hide things becomes apparent..

She hides the fact that she is going on a date with Masaya from Konomi and tells her that she is going to see a Pen-pal.

Later she hides the fact that she has a fiance from Masaya while still trying to go out with him. Because she was afraid that he might hate her then. She frequents the church as part of running away from her feelings.

So despite appearances, Ritsuko is far less a lady than her sister.